The Mission and Philosophy of
The Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

We exist as an order of 21st century nuns dedicated to the promulgation of universal joy and the expiation of stigmatic guilt. Our ministry is one of public manifestation and habitual perpetration. We work to raise money for our Sisters AIDS Drug Assistance Program (SADAP) and other community charities. We advocate for queer rights and visibility and conduct safer sex outreach. We work to affirm the value and beauty of all persons and particularly within the queer community. We strive diligently to keep our sense of humor, never taking ourselves so seriously that we forget to have fun.

Principles by which our Order lives:


Freedom of Expression

There are few restrictions on our individual artistic creativity. The rules that do exist are in place to enhance the overall effectiveness of our order. At certain events, all members of the Holy Order - Sin Sity Sisters (SSS) will be required to wear the traditional habits designed and approved by our General Membership (GM) coordinated with the “white face” developed by and for each member and accessorized in a manner which allows members their right of self-expression.

It is mandatory for members appearing in habit or uniform at public events to be “in face”.



We are a family. As a family, we are allowed to be individual within a close-knit group. Our membership is open to men and women, young and old, rich and poor, gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual and transgender. Our organization is open to masculine, feminine and androgynous persona. We have no need to separate different people into affiliated organizations. To do so would be both hypocritical and contrary to our statement of purpose.

Our rules may be bent and stretched. They are guidelines which sometimes must be enforced strictly and other times applied loosely . Each member is an individual and each situation is unique.

Our lengthy application process is in place so that the existing general membership can ensure that all members share the same basic philosophy, have the ability and desire, and fhe firm commitment to work with and for other people as fully professed members.


Social Activism

As an order of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc. (SPI), the SSS are 21st century nuns who are free from the guilt associated with many traditional religions and social 'norms'. Our sub-committees plan actions and events affecting various social issues, happenings or fund-raising efforts and we will appear in support of those actions or events when our GM deems it worthy.


Social Service

We will educate, promote safer sex, visit the sick, feed the hungry and generally service the community. We are committed to accepting the full spectrum of our community. When we laugh and flirt with you at a bar or at an event, we only want to break down barriers which our culture has set up, which keeps us apart. We accept you regardless of looks, weight, age, whatever shame has been layed upon you. We want to know if you have questions, talk about safer sex and fun sex, and whatever your soul needs as a Queer/GLBT person.



The Order requires its members to demonstrate commitment to the ideals of the Order, the community at large, and to the individuals that comprise the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.