MEET GUARD fortitude


GUARD fortitude


What is your full Sister name: Guard Fortitude with an Attitude


Big Sisters/Sponsor: Sister Prudence Pride of Perfection

Mother in the Order: Sister Loosy Lust Be a Lady


Position: Guard


Other Aliases: Mr. Kidd


Sin or Virtue: Fortitude


Favorite color: Purple

Sister color: Green (preferably Hunter)


Email address:


Twitter: N/A

Instagram: @sentryfortitude


Date of birth: Aug 6, 1971

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV


What is your occupation: Driver / Food Pantry worker


Religious beliefs: Spiritual

Date you joined the order: April 15, 2017

Date you became Fully Professed: 

I believe I have the calling because: I enjoy helping others. If my journey, knowledge or presence can spare somebody pain or unnecessary heartache then my journey will be a success.

Major projects: Upcoming Open House and HIV services provider forum.

My experiences in the community: HIV testing counselor in two states, Support group facilitator, HIV Food Pantry Manager, GLBT pride center office manager.

My goal as a Sin Sity Sister of Perpetual Indulgence: Better self-knowledge and growth, as well as being able to help other people.

Rules by which I live: Do my best to treat other people the way that I want to be treated. Help when I can, be honest when I can’t.