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Saints & Angels



Alex Brooks-Gray

Saint Fireball Jokster King Selfie Row


Angel Negron

Saint Hot Damn

Barbara Maeker

Saint Beautiful is in the Eye of the Beholder


Bill Huggins

Saint Carnival Kravings


Bootsy Carmichael (David Heckman)

Saint Dolly Disney Let’s One Go


Brady McGil

Saint Raging Pride of the Flaming Flamingo


Brian "Paco" Alvarez

Saint Muse of the Mysterious Matzah


Brian Bonds

Saint Stoney Pup Puff Puff Pass that Ass


Candice Nichols

Saint Always Fighting the Fierce Fight


Catherine Trifiletti

Saint Silk Upon Needle


Chelsea McMenemy Kelly

Saint Unifer Burning of the Square


Chris Reynolds

Saint Christovelocity of the Traveling Knee Pads


Chris Saldana

Saint Always Ready for a Close-Up


Christian Jay

Saint Sandra Deen in the Corner


David Boland

Saint Round 'em up. whip'em and get 'er done!


David Hering

Saint Automatic Withdrawal


DeMarcus Montrese

Saint Jiggle It Wiggle It Pose It Chocolate Rose


Derek Gurerro

Saint Lucky 13 Grumpy Kitty Black Cat Mystery Man


Derek Spencer

Saint Loosy Juicy


Domo Plowden

Saint Sin Sity Shappo


Doug Graff

Saint Hot to Trot Winnie of the Rodeo Razzle Dazzle


Eric Peterson

Saint El Amor Arorborealis 65N 18W


Ernie Yuen

Saint Bend Yuen Over


Gary Brewer

Saint Kinky Bear Ready Player 1


George Zatarain

Saint One Stop Apothecary


Ginger Grant (Kirk Michael Kaine)

Saint Red Mangina Screaming for Cocktails


Hector Lomeli

Saint Creator of Exotic Banana Hammocks


Ida Slapped Her (Terry Freeman)

Saint Ida B Royal n’ Loyal


James Fiala

Saint Creator of Fancy Cake Covers


Jason C

Saint Right Hand of Service


Jason Dryer

Saint Daddy Landshark of the Royal Rodeo Games in the Dirt


Jason Warren

Saint Gigbyte Me a JPEG


Jeff Hames

Saint Artsy Fartsy


Jeffery Alvarez

Saint Beacon for the Healing Heart


Jenny Gonzo

Saint Pop-Ur-Assy Muppet Mistress of the Zombie Barbies


Jim McCoy

Saint Imagine Reality


Jim McMichaels

Saint Vanessa de Brazil


Johnny Randall (DJ AXIS)

Saint Succulent Manipulator of Rythym & Rhymes


Joshua Montgomery

Saint Great Dane of Diligence


Josie Cavallari

Saint Wild Aurora Borealis from Buxom Boobs Palace


Karen McPhee

Saint need to find her name


Katrina Davenport (Bill Trunzo)

Saint Katrina Ramblin' Rose Garden


Kimberli Foxx

Saint Put Away Wet


Kristopher Minnich

Saint Otterly the Best Observer of Time


LA Walker

Saint No Labels of the Theatre 


Lane Olson

Saint need to find his name


Laura Henkel

Saint Dr. Goddess of the Gap


Lisa McClung

Saint Lady Behind the Lenz of Life


Loren Watkins

Saint Money Tea Baggs


Mark Shunock

Saint Red Leaf Puck of Spatial Darkness


Mary Bess Bohall

Saint Busta Generosity Boustier of the Northern Tundra


Mason Lear

Saint Mason Smiles of the Midwest Skies


Matt - Lighting Guy

Saint Master Board Plug It Switch It Lite It Up


Mel Goodwin

Saint Mighty Mel of Gender and Justice


Melissa M. Wilcox

Saint Scribbler of the Sovereign Holy Sister Script


Michael Morss

Saint Rackem


Michael Shepard

Saint Happy Feet


Michael Winsor

Saint Daddy Damn


Miss Edie the Entertainer

Saint Blaring Di Voice


Nancy Good

Saint SongBird of Fine Arts and Beauty


Natalie Blaze (Drew Owens)

Saint Scarlet Sweetheart of the Blazing Saddle


Peter Jobson

Saint need to find his name


Phat Patty (Christopher Sanders)

Saint Phat"n Hairy Babe of Eternal Titles and Crowns


Rachel Rogers

Saint Fierce Pink Lady of Special Forces


Ricke Beltran

Saint Songbird of Life and Love


Robbie Peraza (Mpowerment)

Saint Intrinsically Intertwined


Ron Henderson

Saint Twisted Wire Heavy Metal


Ryan Sanders

Saint Needy and Greedy


Sean Stuart

Saint Head in the Clouds


Shane Oneal

Saint Dark Room Exposure


Stephanie’s Mom (Beverly Lucero)

Saint Sits and Knits


Stephany Lucero

Saint Suzie Spontaneous


Steve Disher

Saint Sculptor Sus Scrofa (Sculptor of wild boars/hogs/pigs)


Stewart Black

Saint Woody Woodchuck Willfully Spreading Love


Susan Hauck

Saint Crafty Magical Totes Galore


Sy Bernabei

Saint Rubber Madan of Safer Sinning


Taylor Trash (David Blackwell)

Saint Tattered, Torn, and Double Wide


Toshia Marvin

Saint Heart of Solid Gold Drag Mama Extravaganza 


Victor Rodriguez

Saint Smashing Happy Hour


Wes Miller

Saint Get Booked Between the Sheets


Wil Douglas

Saint Wil Da Beast


Will Glenn

Saint Daddy Master Tap On the Rocks with a Twist



We Could Not Do What We Do
Without Our Amazing Saints & Angels




Joe Williams
Paul Rippens
Raymond & LilyJoAnn Epstein
James Olson
Terry Hunt​

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