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Mother Loosy Lust Bea Lady Sister of Sexual Cravings


What is your full Sister Name: Mother Loosy Lust Bea Lady Sister of Sexual Cravings


Big Sisters/Sponsor: Mistress of Mission: Sister Hellen Wheels of the Daughters of the Divine Eruption (SF)


Mentor: Sister Chastity Boner (SF)


Big Sisters: Sister Rhoda Kill (LA), Sister Erotica (LA), Sister Holly Lewya (SF), Sister Flora Goodthyme (SF)


Mother in the Order: I am the Mother


Positions Held: Founder/President of Board/Abbess/UNPC Delegate/Mistress of SADAP/Mistress of Saints & Angels/Co Mistress of the Web/Mistress of Habits/Mistress of the Nunnery


Sin or Virtue: Lust


Favorite Color: Blue


Email address:


Twitter: @SisterLoosy

Instagram: @SisterLoosy

Tumblr: Sin Sity Sisters


Date of birth: 04/21/64

Hometown: Burns, Oregon


What is your occupation: Retired Croupier


Religious beliefs (if any): Catholic and Spiritual


Date you joined the order: Founder of the Order - July 2005

Date you became Fully Professed:

Mission Status: July 1, 2005

Missionary Vows: August 27, 2005

Fully Professed House: July 4, 2006

Fully Professed Vows: July 22, 2006


I believe I have the calling because: I have a full glass of love to share and the heart to listen to our community.


Major projects: Founder of The Holy Order Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence/The Sisters AIDS Drug Assistance Program (SADAP)/Producer of Red Dress Las Vegas/Red Dress Chair/ Producer of Project Nunway Las Vegas/Project Nunway Las Vegas Chair/Life Ball 2017


Founded the Nunnery June 2017


My experiences in the community: Co-Chair Ryan White Planning Council/Board Member SNAPI/Project UpFront Speaker


My goal as a Sin Sity Sister of Perpetual Indulgence: To save as many lives as we can with our Sisters AIDS Drug Assistance Program and to spread love and joy to my community and anyone that wants to experience my energy.


Rules by which I live: LIVE LOVE and LAUGH…

If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.

Be kind, be independent but not too, Follow your heart…

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