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Sister Nina Novena O Kink

Us in Kind

Sister Emeritus

What is your full Sister Name: Sister Nina Novena O Kink Us in Kind

Big Sisters/Sponsor: Sister Loosy

Positions Held: Sister Emeritus

Sin or Virtue: Kindness

Favorite color: Scarlet


Facebook: @SinSitySisters

Instagram: @SinSitySisters

Date of birth: Somewhere between Bruce Lee and Naomi Watts
Hometown: Chicago, IL

What is your occupation: Social Services for Kiddos.

Religious beliefs: Altar Boy Foundation with Taoist Dreams.

Date you joined the order: February 2009
Date you became Fully Professed: April 2010

I believe I have the calling because: This Nun was born, not made. It’s in my nature.

Major Projects: Aging gracefully, yet staying offbeat.

My experiences in the community: Are great, challenging, and worthwhile.

My goal as a Sin Sity Sister of Perpetual Indulgence: Provide a little Hardline Kindness.

Rules by which I live: Love. Laugh. Help someone else. Watch old movies.

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