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Call for Designers

The Sin Sity Sisters would like to formally invite you to participate in Project Nunway Las Vegas, this year’s theme is ZODAIC. The Sin Sity Sisters would like you to submit unconventional Avant Garde Fashion/Costume designs made out of recycled materials for our 3rd Annual Project Nunway Las Vegas.

Project Nunway Las Vegas is our newest fundraiser, where designers collaborate with Sisters to create a fashion themed look from “recycled” materials to walk the “Nunway”.

Project Nunway Las Vegas is about Nun, Clergy, and Queer Fashion... and of course…Project Nunway Las Vegas is all about THE DESIGNERS!

Project Nunway Las Vegas challenges Designers to create over-the-top, Avant Garde designs based on a theme.

We encourage our Designers to stretch the absolute limits of their boundaries to create a look that bends the mind's perceptions of reality, while igniting the senses. Dream-Like, Strange, Bizarre, Unreal, Weird, Elegant, Surrealistic, Cheeky, Quirky. Each Designer will work with his\her Sister/model in creating a garment for the Fashion Show. Each work of art will be judged by our Esteemed Panel of Judges, with the honor of being awarded the Top Designer.

“ZODIAC” Upholding this strong thematic element must be considered. Too far is NOT enough!

WANNA GET INVOLVED Submit original design proposal by May 1, 2018 to Sister Loosy at We encourage early submissions. The sooner you send in the sooner you can guarantee a spot in the fashion show.

Please include the following.

· Name and contact information best time to call

· Choice of ZODIAC

· Images and/or video of look include Title if applicable

· Statement a short paragraph describing inspiration and other background information including materials and total cost. The Nunway ideal is to spend NO CASH if possible. However, there is a $100 US dollar maximum limit if additional materials are needed to complete the look. All expenses are covered by Designer/Sister and not the producing committee. Ownership of the garment is also negotiated between Designer and Sister. The producing committee can advise if necessary.

We look forward to your submissions



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